Kempsey Macleay Valley U3A 2020 Term 4

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Welcome to Kempsey Macleay Valley U3A Incorporated

We are back again, but with the changes introduced in Term 3 due to COVID-19.
There is no Enrolment Day again this Term.
Existing members will have been enrolled by their class leaders.

We also have a new website which is still very much a work-in-progress.
To access our Newsletter and other Member related topics, you now have to Login via our new Member Area.
If you are a new Member, or an existing Member and have forgotten the details, please email and request assistance.

We’re Back Again For Term 4!
In case you don't remember...
Our biggest concern is to make things as safe as possible for members who choose to come back to classes. Our main priorities will be about physical distancing, strict but practical use of good hygiene, and accurate attendance recording to ensure that we know who has attended any KMVU3A activity, so that if a case of COVID19 does rise, then we have information immediately available for tracing any possible contacts.

How will this all work?
The emphasis will be on co-operation, with support and assistance from all class members. All attendees will be asked to remain after class (not for detention!) to help with wiping down of chairs, tables, door handles, remote controls, bathroom and kitchen surfaces, and sweeping of floors where appropriate utensils are available.
There will be a COVID-19 Action Plan in place for Tozer Street, located on the notice board, as U3A is responsible for these premises.

There will be no enrolment day as such due to the virtual impossibility of maintaining social distancing.
New and existing Members will have already been enrolled through their Class Leaders.

Physical Distancing
Venues that have been booked for use in Term 4 have been measured and assessed to determine the maximum number of people who will be allowed to occupy each learning space. This could mean that your class numbers might have to be limited, or may be moved to a larger location, or offered in two separate sessions. Where appropriate, seating will be arranged to conform to current social distancing rules.

Class members will be asked to use hand sanitiser on entering the venue. (Class leaders will be provided with sanitiser as required.)
Before and after each class, chairs and tables must be wiped with sanitiser or disinfectant.
Each person will need to bring their own cup/mug, tea, coffee, milk and biscuits/ cakes, but hot water will be available as usual.

Class attendance sheets will be marked by the class leader (or a nominated member of the class group) as people arrive at the class.
Everyone entering a venue for a class will already have their name and contact number recorded on the Contacts list held by Class Leaders.
If any case of COVID virus is discovered, details from this list can be forwarded to the relevant authorities immediately, so contact tracing can begin.

Need Help?
If you have any concerns at all about your class, please talk to your class leader, or contact any member of the Committee (phone numbers are shown in the newsletter) so that any problems can be addressed promptly.
Over the next few weeks, we hope to get a better idea of what will happen in terms of restrictions etc so that we can start planning for Term 4.
So for now, let’s try to get back into renewing friendships and catching up with all the local goings-on (there MUST have been something happening in these past few months!), and getting ourselves back into new experiences and learning opportunities.
Spring has Sprung so enjoy the classes as we charge headlong toward normality sometime in 2021!

You can also check the Online Resources page to continue your Third Age learning experience...

Page updated 08-10-2020
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